Enriched Background Isotope Study (EBIS)

Project Workshop January 27 and 28, 2003

University of California, Irvine

Written Report:

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Task 1: Experimental Manipulations, onsite sampling and environmental characterization

Paul J. Hanson (hansonpj@ornl.gov), Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Charles T. Garten Jr. (ctg@ornl.gov), Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Overview: P. Hanson
14C in Air:  M. Cisneros
Bulk Carbon Pools:  C. Garten
Reconciling Isotopic Signatures with Litter Decomposition: P. Hanson
Summary slides: P. Hanson
Task 2a: Components of soil respiration
Susan Trumbore (setrumbo@uci.edu), University of California, Irvine
Malu Cisneros-Dozal (cisnerol@uci.edu), University of California, Irvine
Greg Winston (gwinston@uci.edu), University of California, Irvine
Soil Respiration: Malu Cisneros-Dozal
Gas Well CO2: S. Trumbore and Greg Winston
Task 2b: Fine root lifetimes
Julia Gaudinski (Gaudinsk@cats.ucsc.edu), University of California, Berkeley
J. Dev. Joslin (jdjoslin@esper.com), Belowground Forestry Research
Root Carbon Stocks and 14C:  D. Joslin and J. Gaudinski
Task 3a:  Vertical transport through the soil profile
Philip Jardine (ipj@ornl.gov), Oak Ridge National Laboratory
DOC transport and 14C:  P. Jardine

Task 4:  Forms and fate of carbon in soils

Julie Jastrow (JDJastrow@ANL.gov), Argonne National Laboratory
Soil Carbon Fractions and 14C:  J. Jastrow
Margaret Torn (MSTorn@lbl.gov), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Mycorrhizae and microbial biomass:  M. Torn
Task 5:  14C analyses
Chris Swantson (swanston1@llnl.gov), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CAMS
Tom Guilderson (guilderson1@popeye.llnl.gov), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CAMS
Bulk 14C Analysis for 0-y and 1-y:  C. Swanston
Task 6:  Integration and modeling of soil carbon processes
Wilfred M. Post (postwmiii@ornl.gov), Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Modeling: M. Post
Other attendees
John Southon (jsouthon@uci.edu), University of California, Irvine
Jessica Westbrook, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Revision Date: 30 January 2003