Enriched Background Isotope Study (EBIS) Project Workshop

February 1 and 2, 2006 -- Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois

Written Report:

Argonne Workshop Report (Revised March 12, 2006)


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Meeting Goals:
1.  Review experimental progress to date.
2.  Make specific plans to finalize key synthesis publications.
3.  Facilitate interactions between experimentalists and modelers.
4.  Discuss alternate EBIS futures in relation to the upcoming TCP solicitation.

Meeting Presentations:

A. EBIS Introduction and Recap of the Livermore workshop – P. Hanson

B. 14C in Air and Plant Tissues -- S. Trumbore and C. Kramer

C. Bulk 14C analyses – P. Hanson/C. Swanston

D. Forms and fate of carbon in soils
Density-based methods – C. Swanston/M. Kleber
Aggregate-based methods – J. Jastrow
Mineralogy issues – M. Kleber

E. 14C partitioning in 2000 Litter – L. Hainsworth/C. Swanston

F. 15N and Natural Abundance 13C Studies at EBIS Sites–  C. Garten

G.  Integration and modeling of soil carbon processes
Daycent model results - W. J. Parton
RothC Issues - W.M. Post
Modeling the organic layers -- P. Hanson et al.
Modeling root turnover – W. Riley et al.

H. New Initiatives in FY2006
Mesocosm evaluation of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) transport – M. Fröberg
Root decomposition study – Roser Matamala
Analysis of 14C in PLFAs - Christiane Kramer

I. Manuscript Discussion
Brief summary of recently completed papers/manuscripts
Incremental Research Reports to be finished
High-impact Syntheses