Enriched Background Isotope Study (EBIS)

Year 2000 Litter collection and preparation photographs

Photo 1.  A single litter collection tarp approximately 4.5 by 9.5 meters on Pine Ridge (Photo taken September 2000).


Photo 2.  A series of litter collection tarps laid out along the north slope of Pine Ridge (Photo taken September 2000).


Photo 3.  The same tarps loaded with litter prior to collection and bagging.


Photo 4.  Bagging 2000 litter collected on the surface of tarps.


Photo 5. Hauling litter to the greenhouse for drying.


Photo 6.  Bagged litter in the greenhouse.


Photo 7.  Collected litter air drying in cloth laundry bags on greenhouse benches at ORNL.  Litter collected
wet had to be unbagged and laid out on the surface of the tables.


Photo 8. Rented mobile storage trailers parked in an open lot on the Oak Ridge Reservation.


Photo 9.  Air dried litter stacked for long-term storage in a mobile storage unit.