Enriched Background Isotope Study (EBIS)

Photographs of Experimental Plots

Photo 1.  Permanent plots (7 x 7 m) on Walker Branch prepared with landscape cloth to allow for the removal of current year forest canopy litter.   Know quantities of either enriched or near background litter will be added to these plots in place of the in situ litter in January of 2001, 2002, and 2003.  (Photo taken October 2000).


Photo 2.  Permanent plot (7 x 7 m) on Haw Ridge after the 2000 cohort of enriched litter (note orange tipped stakes) and a fence have been added.


Photo 3.  Meteorological station at the TVA site.


Photo 4.  Sampling container for two-week averaged gas samples located at the Walker Branch TDE site.


Photo 5.  Self contained (StowAway TidbiT, Onset Computer Corp.) temperature loggers for temperature beneath the Oi litter layer.  One logger has been installed per plot.